A God of War Card Game is on the Cards..

God of War Card Game About 15 minutes into God of War I had crowned it my game of the year 2018, and even with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 snapping at its heels it still firmly stayed at the top spot! You can read my thoughts on Continue Reading


Norse Fantasy Novels pt. 4: The Pantheon

How many Aesir does it take to build a wall? – Cast of the Pantheon First up, what is a Pantheon I hear you cry? Well a Pantheon is; “all the gods of a people or religion collectively” or “a group of particularly respected, famous, or important people”. So basically Continue Reading

Norse Fantasy Novels pt. 3- The Where and When

┬áThe Where and When? – Time and Place: In part 3 of ‘Let’s Talk Books- Norse Fantasy’ we are going to be looking at where and when the stories take place. First off I will first explain what I mean by my self-coined terms of Blended World, Fantastical World and Continue Reading