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  1. Nice read! And it true that the console is marvelous. It don’t have a kiddie look like the Wii U had, and it is quite well made. You will have awesome happy moments playing it for sure. 💙💜

    1. I really like the design of the console its self it has been a long time since a handheld has even turned my head but this is great! I love the ease as well that you can play multiplayer!

  2. Another thing that super left me cold is this: “‘two freaks’ finding one another”
    Because that is what the film suggests…That the female lead is a freak on no evidence other than she is disabled. That is such a disappointment in a film that actually had a disabled lead in a love story. Does the woman with the disability get a human? No, a monster, because she’s damaged (see that scene where she says: he does not know I’m not whole). Like, I want to see a monster love story. And I want to see a deaf leading lady be the centre of a love plot…. those two things cannot be the same movie when that’s basically the only disabled lead we’re going to see in a love story in mainstream cinema for years.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Rosa! She is treated in the same nature as literal monster because of a disability, for me the shining star of that film was Octavia

  3. Bought an L, I’m between a 14/16. Fits like a glove. Not too long in the arms which is great because I’m short. And it fits fine across the chest if you have boobs!

    Good material, keeps you warm. Not flimsy and thin.

  4. I’m perennially two years behind in the gaming world, but very much enjoyed playing LITTLE NIGHTMARES this year (the final part of it’s DLC was released in February so it kinda counts as a 2018 game, right?)

    1. Absolutely we will totally allow it! I was going to call Ritual my horror of 2018 cause that is when it went on amazon but turns out it was 2017!

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