Meet The Valkyries

Heather- Founder


Heather is the founder and creator of The Valkyries, she is an avid player of games, reader of comics, watcher of films and drinker of brews!

Favourite game is The Witcher 3




20171118_185552When she isn’t writing, Sammy can be found scrolling through cute dog photos on Instagram, curled up with a good book, or taking her anger out on video game bad guys.

Favourite game is The Last of Us.



Oli is a fan all of all the nerdy things. A true ancient history, horror and comic nerd, enjoy gaming and reading as well as having the most adorable pup in the world


Favourite game is God of War 3




gbGeorgie has been a lover of all things mythic, arty and wordy since she was little. She is a comic book super-fan in all their forms, an avid player of MTG, and a lover of books- but her one true love is Peter Parker. 

Favourite game is The Witcher 3 and The Wolf Among Us 





Vicki has been an avid bookworm and writer for as long she can remember. When she’s not reading a book or a comic you can find her playing video games on either the PS4 or the Nintendo Switch. Vicki has also done a bit of cosplay, cosplaying Cinderella, Peter Pan, Serena from Pokémon and Supergirl!

Favourite game is The Last of Us and Detroit: Become Human




Rebecca is a devourer of Viking-Age historical fiction and Norse Fantasy books. She has a passionate interest in Vikings and Norse Mythology since her teenage years and annually attends the Jorvik Viking Festival in York and other events/conferences. She is a budding comic reader having got kick-started by The Mighty Thor (Lady Thor) series.
Favourite game is Dragon Age

Beki is a PC gaming geek that also holds a love of reading. She spends her time camped at her desk putting hours into RPGs, blasting through dungeons in Diablo or storming through fantasy novels. She is also the proud mummy of Timmy Snuffles the hedgehog.
Favourite game is The Witcher 3.




Bekka is an aspiring author, and a lover of all things fantasy. When not found reading or writing, she can be found making videos for her booktube channel, or at the cinema. 
Her favourite movie franchise is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 








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