Aladdin- Cave of Wonders or Agrabah in ruins?

Aladdin has returned!  Release date: 24 May 2019 (United Kingdom) Director: Guy Ritchie Genre: Adventure, Family  The Cinema has become a “Cave of Wonders” with Disney’s latest live-action production out on the silver screen. Will it have to keep “One Jump Ahead” of the critics, or turn out to be a Continue Reading


A God of War: The Card Game is on the Cards..

God of War: The Card Game Ragnarök is coming The fate of all existence is at stake.. again. The Norns, mystical beings of great power, have decided they will not go quietly into oblivion and have turned their attention to the well of Fate, Urðr, in order to find any possible Continue Reading

Game of Thrones: The end of an era, for better or for worse

Game of Thrones: The end of an era, for better or for worse   *This piece contains content regarding abuse, both physical and emotional – whilst I have tried to word it sensitively, please do not read if it will make you feel uncomfortable.* *I’ll set my stall out early Continue Reading

The Good Omens Premiere

Good Omens Premiere, London The Good Omens premiere called to me, more than any other premiere ever has. Which probably explains why I’ve never been to one before, that and I’ve always missed out on getting tickets/find out it’s happening as it’s happening, which obviously isn’t ideal! But, with Good Continue Reading